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The Future Now: 10 African Artists to Watch

Extrait de l'article de Art News sur l'art Africain, Mahi figure dans la liste des "10 African Artists to Watch"

Mahi Binebine Born in 1959, Marrakech, Morocco; based in Marrakech, Morocco

"Known in his homeland and beyond as a novelist, Mahi Binebine has been steadily producing paintings and drawings in which thinly rendered nude figures are piled on top of one another, creating a cacophony of limbs and blank-looking faces. The works are minimal, with characters that appear to have neither gender nor emotion. They are strange, alluring visions that seem to address confinement and the stripping away of identity, though Binebine insists that they are simply “excuses to tell stories about humans.”

In some of his most recent works, there is a ray of hope—with subjects expanding beyond their claustrophobic circumstances, squeezing through boxlike forms, and kissing on bare floors. Binebine painted some of these images in blue—a color he has said signals liberty."

Le reste de l'article à découvrir sur Art News:

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